1. Classic Ethnic Outfits for Men to Flaunt This Wedding Season

    With the wedding season already here, there is obviously a plethora of options for women. Women are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to trending outfits to flaunt during all occasions. It is not fair that men are left with the same old choices when it comes to ethnic fashion. Here, we are covering the hottest trends in ethnic outfits for men that are creating waves in the fashion industry. 

    Polo Pants / Jodhpuri Pants

    Polo Pants/ Jodhpuri Pants

    Don't you want to be the star of a party that you are attending? If this is something that has certainly crossed your mind, then you must add

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  2. 6 Simple Tips to Take Good Care of Your Ethnic Sarees

    Traditional and ethnic Indian wear has become synonymous with festivities and celebrations, especially with sarees which when paired with right accessories, serve as a perfect ensemble for any occasion. Present since time memorial, the elegance and poise which sarees offer, guarantees they never go out of style. However, maintaining and preserving the ethnic sarees in a pristine condition without losing their dazzle and gleam may take quite a work. Here are some simple tips for you to ensure that your gorgeous and lavish outfit stays the same for all the years to come.

    1. Storing the right way


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  3. Are You Familiar with These Benefits of Ayurveda?

    A traditional and age-old medical system followed in India, Ayurveda involves natural healing of the body incorporating both physical and mental well-being of the individual. It is an individualized system of medicine where the cures are tailor-made to each individual and promotes healing with use of natural herbal compounds, oils, extracts, decoctions and special diets, etc.


    The principle of Ayurvedic medicine is maintaining a balance between the three basic energy types of one’s body with the thought that any imbalance between them triggers the onset of disease and discomfort. These three energy types, also called as Doshas, are termed as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

    Considered to be one of the oldest healing sciences in the world, Ayurveda, with its h

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  4. Why is Handmade Jewellery all the Trend Right Now?

    In recent years there has been a special status hung around handmade jewellery drawing in a lot of attention and adoration. With many posing it as a precious possession, there is an intricate beauty and unique quality associated with handmade jewellery that renders it all the more memorable. So what stories do these pieces of jewellery behold that has left many of us astounded.

    • A fine representation of the Craft

    Handmade jewellery India tends to be representative of the skills of the artisans and their uninhibited personal touch. These jewellery showcase the intricate workmanship of the makers highlighting their expertise. Even in cases of simple ones, their unpolished final crude look further adds to the rustic and vintage quality of it.

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  5. Best Indian Handicrafts You Need to Add to Your Collection Today

    People keep looking new trends when it comes to revamping their decors. Adding a bit of traditional touch with the best collection of Indian handicrafts just amplifies the beauty of your interiors. You can add a classic collection of handicrafts to your home ranging from wooden handicraft products to ceramic blue pottery. Here are ways in which you can decorate your home with the trending handicraft products.

    Wooden handicraft products

    Wooden Handicraft Products

    Indian wooden handicrafts are nothing less than mesmerizing. If you are looking for some additions to your interiors, the CraftNShop store offers numerous choices to people. He

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  6. A Guide on Dressing Up for Festive Occasions for Females

    Festive occasions are synonymous with presents, get-togethers, families, smiles, exquisite food, and last but not the least, interesting outfits. Dressing up in traditional ethnic wear is a joyous and exciting event where you can indulge in your love for Indian wear while displaying the rich culture of our country.

    With many anticipating the arrival of these special occasions, here are some dressing options for you to make the most with your rocking ethnic look.

    Anarkali Suit

    sAnarkali Suits

    One of the traditional ethnic wear for women that has made a comeback and is in an extremely popular surge is the exotic A

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  7. Accentuate Your Daily Look with Ethnic Fashion Jewellery

    Jewellery, which is adorned by many Indian women to complement their overall look, is an indispensable attribute that one meticulously plans and invests their money on, especially for weddings, festive and other special occasions. However, the dazzle of these ethnic fashion jewellery doesn’t limit to those festive events alone, but also brings about charm and vibrancy to one’s daily look, thereby becoming a part of everyday life.

    Daily wear jewellery

    Though gold and diamond jewellery tends to be the best option for daily wear going well with both your modern and traditional wear, they do come on the heavier side, cost-wise. Pendants, pearls, studs and teardrop earrings are some of the common choices but with ethnic fashion jewellery, you can try out some trendy ones that go well with your day-to-day wear.

    So here are two pointers to remember before proceeding on how to st

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  8. Experimenting with different types of traditional handcraft jewellery

    Jewellery has played an integral role in Indian culture having acquired a vogue status over time with craze and demand for it continuing to grow over time. In recent years, traditional Indian jewellery involving exquisite craft techniques has made waves in the Indian market and abroad, attracting the likes of many with their individualistic style and indigenous looks. Based on the works of craftsmen hailing from different regions, these traditional handcraft jewellery stand as a testament to their artistic craftsmanship and intricate detailing. One of the main features is how these craft jewellery starkly stand out with their bold design motifs and patterns.

    Below are discussed some of the many handcraft traditional jewellery of India

    Temple Jewellery

    Temple Jewellery

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