1. 4 Styles of Indian Traditional Dresses All Women Must Have

    Western outfits had become our go-to styles for the past few years but recently the traditional Indian dresses are back in fashion and the online market for the ethnic wears is making a great deal in every way. There are a few Indian ethnic outfits every woman must have in her wardrobe to stand out on occasions as well as in the office.

    Here is a list for must-have fabulous ethnic Outfits for women:

    1. A Saree

    Draping a saree makes all women look the most appealing and classy.

    A Heavy Benarasi silk, designer sarees or a simple one colored chiffon; each kind of a saree is beautiful in its own way and that is why you must have at least one saree which will help you to stand out in the crowd to every event you attend.

    2. Lehenga Choli

    This is the best-chosen outfit for the brides and her maids in India at weddings as it is one of the most beautiful outfits a woman should

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  2. Important Tips You Need To Know For Buying Right Jewellery

    Buying jewellery is an art combined with some emotions. Whether you buy a small ring or an expensive gold or diamond necklace, your buying decision talks a lot about your personality as well the person you are gifting it to. For your guaranteed satisfaction you need to buy jewellery online in India where you have tons of options to buy the right jewellery for the right occasion. Read on a few essential tips for buying jewellery, which can make your selection easier and even quicker. 

    • Necklaces: Show patience while buying necklaces as they come in various styles. They come in the forms of chains, links, and braids. You need to consider the length which will determine its place on the cheat of your loved one. 
    • Pearls: Unquestionably, diamonds are exemplary for any occasion but expensive. As an alternative, pearls are best as you have countless options to pick. If you have a bud
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  3. 5 Kinds of Sarees Every Woman Must Have In Their Wardrobes

    Sarees are the showstoppers of ever Indian Function but it has a hundred types and that is why it becomes difficult to choose the right fabrics according to your height, body type, and event. However, with time the online market has grown huge and hence buying Indian Sarees online has become an easier job.

    Here is a list of 5 kinds of sarees every woman should have in their wardrobe:

    1. Chiffon

    It is the most comfortable and light-weighted fabric which you can drape in any season and mood as these are very elegant and goes really well with statement jewellery. You can buy dress materials online for stitching designer blouses with these one coloured gems.

    2. Cotton

    It is the most favourable fabric type for every woman who drapes a saree all the time, as it is easy to wash, carry and main

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  4. 5 Tips To Help You Perfect Your Ethnic Wardrobe

    The season of bright ethnic wears is coming so you must get ready with your special summer type Indian traditional outfits, suiting with the weather. If you are looking to buy women clothes online in India, it is the appropriate place you can get the ideas about how to perfect your traditional wardrobe.

    Here is a list provided for you to help you with 6 amazing tips about  what to essentially shop online when it comes to the ethnic outfits:

    1. Bright and blingy

    You can pull up a great ethnic look for any occasion if you have the right colors and fabrics of traditional outfits. Say, a lemon yellow chiffon saree or a light green Chikankari embroidery churidar; you can always perfect a daytime function during summers in your bright and blingy dresses. You can buy Salwar Suits and sarees online, to get the huge

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  5. 5 Ways To Properly Dress Your Child During The Winter Season

    During the winters, there are chances that your kid or baby can catch an intense cold and fall sick. Protecting them is your job and making sure that they are appropriately dressed is something which you should first. These are the five things that you could do to cover your kids adequately during the winters. You can easily buy these kids clothes online.

     1.  Child base layers

    Similar to the adult ones, child base layer is closest to the skin and work the best when they fit uniformly. Good base layers wick away moisture from baby's skin ensuring they don't feel cold or any discomfort. Natural fibers are the most preferred ones as they don't get overheated like the synthetic ones. This part of clothing will keep your ch

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  6. Must-have ethnic wear for every Indian Lady

    Whether its Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, there are some occasions that feel incomplete without traditional ethnic Indian clothing. You might prefer sarees or maybe lehengas could be your preferred choice but all of us have some traditional clothing item we love. Here are some of the must-have traditional Indian garments for your wardrobe:

    • Saree: It is hard to describe how practical and gorgeous a piece of clothing the saree is unless you have worn it. The sheer number of patterns, prints, and textures that are available when you are looking for sarees, ensure you will always find something to make you stand out.
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  7. Best Makeup Ideas to go With Ethnic Outfits

    Wearing an outfit and sporting a hairdo cannot complete your overall look. Even while wearing a traditional saree or an ethnic wear, a little dash of makeup goes a long way in drawing the right attention and in elevating your aesthetics. But with makeup, the basic question is how much is too little or too much?

    You don't want your makeup to dictate and overpower your outfit while at the same time would not want it to be underplaying your look altogether. Having the tendency to make or break your look, one needs to have a clear idea on how to go about it. Here are some simple makeup ideas you definitely should try with your saree or any ethnic wear.

    The Basic Nude :-

    The Basic Nude

    The Nude makeup look has been in vogue these days, thanks to its innate sense of perfec

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  8. What are the Best Hairstyles to go With Ethnic Wear?

    Docked up in beautiful ethnic dresses, with matching jewellery and stunning footwear, you might think that you are all set for an event. However, there is an equally important task that needs quite the attention to complement your overall look. Yes! We are talking about managing your tresses as it could be a daunting task which needs good care to get it done right. Be it for a wedding, office party, or any festive event, you don’t want to always land on a hair salon looking for options to try or end up with open hair all the time.

    Here in this article, we have listed hairstyles that go beautifully well with ethnic wear you definitely should try.

    * Beauty of Braids :-

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  9. 8 Incredible Health Benefits of Henna You Need to Know

    Henna Powder

    Henna has been used in many cultures across our country; and one of its many uses is at being adorned as a natural dye for both skin and hair. However, the benefits of henna/mehendi extend beyond its beautiful designs and dyeing, thanks to its rich medicinal values. The resourcefulness of henna ranks it as a significant element in Ayurveda practices. It can be employed in powder forms, mainly for dyes, or in extracts such as oil derived from leaves, bark or seeds, etc.

    The varied uses of henna make it an exceptional plant that has found its place in many households since the age-old times. But before we delve deeper into it, one needs to take a little precaution. Though henna is natural and safe, certain individuals may find allergic reactions especially to black henna. Also, when buying products of henna, make sure that they ar

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  10. How to Incorporate Ethnic Fashion into Your Everyday Wear

    There is a heartfelt joy when one adorns something that is truly Indian or desi; a sense of belonging to our culture and tradition, which in recent times has defined our very fashion sense. Be it an ethnic designer wear or simple off-the-street product, the charm and appeal of Indian ethnic design has reverberated throughout the world. Even when equipped in western or casual wear, you can easily adorn an ethnic piece into your ensemble and oomph up your style quotient. In this article, we bring you certain fashion trends involving both garments and jewellery that allow you to weave ethnic into your daily wear.

    Style up your dress with Ethnic Jackets :-

    Ethnic Jacket

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