1. Best Makeup Ideas to go With Ethnic Outfits

    Wearing an outfit and sporting a hairdo cannot complete your overall look. Even while wearing a traditional saree or an ethnic wear, a little dash of makeup goes a long way in drawing the right attention and in elevating your aesthetics. But with makeup, the basic question is how much is too little or too much?

    You don't want your makeup to dictate and overpower your outfit while at the same time would not want it to be underplaying your look altogether. Having the tendency to make or break your look, one needs to have a clear idea on how to go about it. Here are some simple makeup ideas you definitely should try with your saree or any ethnic wear.

    The Basic Nude :-

    The Basic Nude

    The Nude makeup look has been in vogue these days, thanks to its innate sense of perfec

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  2. What are the Best Hairstyles to go With Ethnic Wear?

    Docked up in beautiful ethnic dresses, with matching jewellery and stunning footwear, you might think that you are all set for an event. However, there is an equally important task that needs quite the attention to complement your overall look. Yes! We are talking about managing your tresses as it could be a daunting task which needs good care to get it done right. Be it for a wedding, office party, or any festive event, you don’t want to always land on a hair salon looking for options to try or end up with open hair all the time.

    Here in this article, we have listed hairstyles that go beautifully well with ethnic wear you definitely should try.

    * Beauty of Braids :-

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  3. 8 Incredible Health Benefits of Henna You Need to Know

    Henna Powder

    Henna has been used in many cultures across our country; and one of its many uses is at being adorned as a natural dye for both skin and hair. However, the benefits of henna/mehendi extend beyond its beautiful designs and dyeing, thanks to its rich medicinal values. The resourcefulness of henna ranks it as a significant element in Ayurveda practices. It can be employed in powder forms, mainly for dyes, or in extracts such as oil derived from leaves, bark or seeds, etc.

    The varied uses of henna make it an exceptional plant that has found its place in many households since the age-old times. But before we delve deeper into it, one needs to take a little precaution. Though henna is natural and safe, certain individuals may find allergic reactions especially to black henna. Also, when buying products of henna, make sure that they ar

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  4. How to Incorporate Ethnic Fashion into Your Everyday Wear

    There is a heartfelt joy when one adorns something that is truly Indian or desi; a sense of belonging to our culture and tradition, which in recent times has defined our very fashion sense. Be it an ethnic designer wear or simple off-the-street product, the charm and appeal of Indian ethnic design has reverberated throughout the world. Even when equipped in western or casual wear, you can easily adorn an ethnic piece into your ensemble and oomph up your style quotient. In this article, we bring you certain fashion trends involving both garments and jewellery that allow you to weave ethnic into your daily wear.

    Style up your dress with Ethnic Jackets :-

    Ethnic Jacket

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  5. 7 Amazing Ways Neem Can Help Your Skin

    Neem Leaves

    We have always heard about the medicinal value of Neem since age-old times as stated in the Ayurveda and as handed down by our grandparents. Cited as a ‘wonder leaf', neem has remained a significant part in many households in the forms of paste, soaps, washes, extract, oil, etc. But in most cases, we do not fully understand its' wonderful medicinal attributes and seldom resort to it when treating skin irritations. Instead, we opt for chemical agents which do more harm than good. In this article, we describe the many benefits of Neem (in its varied forms, face wash, face pack, drops,) when it comes to skin-related issues.

    1.    Treating Skin Infections

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  6. The Amazing Varieties of Traditional Hand-woven Sarees of India – Part II

    Traditional Handlooms which are often linked with varied Indian events involving celebratory or auspicious occasions has almost become an integral part to many Indian female ensembles. Being around since age-old times, these handlooms have served as the pride of our country representing our culture and tradition worldwide. The innumerable weaves and rich fabrics, from all across the country, bear a strong linking to their region of origin and are unique at the most. Having discussed some of the ethnic weaves in our first article, here we bring about an equally invigorating set of traditional handwoven sarees and fabrics you should definitely know about.

    • Chanderi Sarees
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  7. 10 Types of Best Indian Earrings to Spruce Up Your Style

    Given the love and frequency of festive events around us where you are duly decked in beautiful ethnic ensembles, you need to pair it with the right accessories to make a signature statement. In that sense, earrings render an essential part of your accessory which has the knack to make or break your look. With the myriad sets of earrings available, it may be a little difficult to zero in on one. In this article, we will provide with some of the best Indian earrings that can perfectly complement your traditional attire.

    1.    Jhumkas :-


    The most popular and probably one of the oldest traditional style earrings have to be the jhumkas.

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  8. 7 Essential Benefits of Rose Water

    Rose water

    Rose Water may be found commonly in Indian households but did you know that the usage of it dates back to almost as early as 7th century where it was widely used in Egypt, Iran and other parts of the Middle East. Its' noted scented nature rendered it as perfume agent which later was included as an essential part of skincare regime.

    Rosewater, a natural product made out of rose petals mixed with water, is a wonderful agent whose function is not just limited to beauty and skincare regime but also includes varied medicinal and culinary attributes. In North American tribes, it was employed to treat ailments and wounds.

    Even if we do have rose water at home, we are hardly aware of the myriad benefits of it and often substitute its uses with other chemical agents that are toxic in nature. In this article, we would like to throw ligh

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  9. Types of Lehenga You Can Flaunt This Season

    Our country has had a long-standing stance with Lehenga choli, the ethnic dressing that is rooted in our tradition since age-old times. From religious occasions, festivities to wedding and related events, lehenga suits come readily suited making it a quintessential part of our wardrobe. Before you go on investing on lehenga suits online, here are the different types that are available on the market you definitely should know about.

    Flared Lehenga

    Flared Lehenga

    One of the most traditional ethnic styles of India which has been long seated in our culture and tradition is the flared or circular Lehenga that has an expansive flare and forms a complete circle at the hem. Starting with quite a large number of pleats which diffuse out down

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  10. 8 Precious Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

    Herbal Mint Tea

    Since time immemorial, herbal tea has served to be an excellent beverage consumed worldwide for not just its taste but also its exceptional medicinal properties. From its soothing nature to its incredibly healthy ingredients, herbal tea has varied health benefits which in recent times are now backed with proper scientific study and research. In this article we cover on some of the benefits of the age-old beverages.

    1.    Boosts Immunity & Removes Toxins

    Herbal tea has a lot of medicinal qualities that can aid in boosting one’s immune system and can cure a whole set of conditions involving inflammation, digestion and o

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